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Silencing iOS simulator log noise

When Apple transitioned to using os_log for system logs it seemed they also decided to open the floodgates for what logs were surfaced in our apps.

This lead to a plethora of stackoverflow questions recommending you disable os_log entirely by setting OS_ACTIVITY_MODE=disable in your target's scheme. This is fine for some cases but might also silence some actually useful logs, or your own logs if you want to use os_log for its feature-set.

os_log has a nice set of categorization for logs, for example when viewing streaming logs in you can show the process, subsystem, and category for each log.

Screenshot of UI

Perhaps ideally we could use an environment variable with more granular filtering based on this categorization, but that would likely get complex quickly. Instead we can update OS log's configuration to disable some specific types of logs. Here are a few examples I found useful for Lyft's iOS project:

xcrun simctl spawn booted log config --subsystem --mode level:off
xcrun simctl spawn booted log config --subsystem --mode level:off
xcrun simctl spawn booted log config --subsystem --category boringssl --mode level:off

You can replace booted here with a specific iOS simulator UDID, which can be found by running xcrun simctl list devices. Since this is simulator specific, you will have to re-run whatever commands you decide on when you create new simulators.

More options for the log command can be found with man log